CORETEK IT Asset Management

Coretek creates markets in refurbished IT assets, which means we both purchase (source) those assets as well refurbish those items for resale (remarket). The purchasing of end user retired IT assets is defined as the procurement process.

IT Assets Coretek purchases (but are not necessarily limited to) include:

  • Desk/Laptop Computers
  • LCD Screens
  • Networking Equipment
  • Telephony Equipment
  • POS systems

Many end users are interested in selling their retired IT assets but don’t realize the value they may carry and often make the decision to have them recycled prematurely. They may also choose to recycle them over accepting a recovery value to avoid the risks associated with transfer of ownership such as:

  • Risk management of client sensitive data
  • Transparent accountability of the liability in transfer of ownership
  • EPA compliancy to legal environmental disposal
  • Implementation of logistical preparation of assets for shipping
  • Freight costs in transport of assets

The Coretek procurement process incorporates a client centric solution to all these issues by providing you with a partnership process that meets your expectations and goals within this transaction in the following manner.

  • Maximizing Residual Recovery Value – Your assets are maximized in residual value by outright sale/liquidation to Coretek through our extensive re-sale experience within a variety of market channels.
  • DoD Risk Management Compliancy - Coretek cleans hard drives in a manner that removes all client sensitive data. The data wipe process entails the use of a commercially licensed software application that removes hard disk drive data that meets or exceeds US Department of Defense security specification DOD 5220.22 requirements for secure data disposal.
  • Serialized Inventory Management - We receive, inspect, test, and audit (RITA) each piece of equipment into a serialized inventory audit report. This report serves as a fully transparent audit trail of accountability within the transfer in ownership liability and/or hard drive wipe certification documentation where applicable.
  • EPA Regulated/Compliant Disposal of Equipment - We exercise legally refurbish and remarket equipment with any disposal occurring in accordance to all Federal/State laws through our EPA compliant R2 environmental certification.
  • Robust Logistics - Coretek works in partnership with our end user to co-author a proposal that will leverage logistical best practices within our transaction to address your desired goal.

Please note with Coretek there is never a direct charge in regards to the above services. They are absorbed within the Coretek procurement offer of your assets so that they only transaction you receive from Coretek is a cash payment of those assets.

We invite you to experience the advantages of leveraging the Coretek partnership in providing a solution to your end of life retired IT assets.

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